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New Student Email Login  
First Time Use Guide 


General Information 

This guide will provide instructions for logging into your college email for the first time. Prior to login, you must have applied to the college and waited at least 48 hours for your email account to become active. If your account is not active after 1 day, contact the service desk for more information at 408-741-2696 M-F 8am-5pm.  

Getting Started 
Navigate to the website associated with your school.  

From the college website home page: 

  1. Click the Portal drop down menu and select Sign in to Portal. 


  1. Type your school email account. E.g., someone@mywvm.wvm.edu 



  1. Select  to continue. 


  1. Enter your password and select sign in. 




Notice for new students: Your portal account may take up to 48 hours to process. 

   Your default password 6-digit birthday formatted as; MMDDYY. 


  1. After Logging in, scroll down and select My Student Email. 


  1. Outlook Web App will open in a new tab, allowing you to access your email. 



Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I am having trouble changing my portal password, after multiple attempts. 

Passwords must meet the following complexity requirements, if you are having trouble ensure your password is at least eight characters with three of the following:             

  • 1 UPPER CASE (A - Z) 

  • 1 lower case (a - z) 

  • 1 Number (0 - 9) 

  • 1 special character (@ # $ % ^ & * !) 

  • Do not include parts of your name or username. 

  • Example: John Smith with username of jsmith2 cannot use 'smi', 'ohn', or 'jsm' in the password. 

  • Do not use common password phrases such as 'password'. 

  • Do not use a password that you have used in this system before. 

  • Passwords cannot be reset more than once per 24 hours unless done so by an administrator. 


  • How do I sign in to My Web Services account from the college website? 

Use your student ID#. Example G01234567 

And your PIN number. Example PIN123456 
(Your default password PIN# is your 6-digit birthday, MMDDYY) 


Note: Please contact our IT Service Desk at 408-741-2696 during our normal operation hours Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm.  

  • How can I log onto My Web Services account to sign up for classes?  

From the link above, select the MyWebServices button and click on Log in using ID number dialog box and enter your student ID# i.e., G01234567 

(Your default password PIN# is your 6-digit birthday. i.e. MMDDYY) 


  • How can I access my alumni account to view my unofficial transcript from the college? 
    Navigate to: https://web.wvm.edu/#/portal 
    Select MyWebServices from the taskbar menu and enter your student ID# G01234567 
    (Your default password PIN# is your 6-digit birthday. I.e. MMDDYY) 

  • How soon will my school email account be ready after sign up for classes? 

Your portal account will be activated and ready for use 48 hours from the time you signed up. If you are still having trouble please contact the IT Service Desk at 408-741-2696 Mon- Friday 8am – 5pm.