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Mitel Connect Softphone Setup


General Information  

The softphone feature is available through the Mitel Connect application installed on your computer. This feature allows you to use the computer as a functional telephone, replacing the need for a physical desk phone. 


Getting Started 


  1. To utilize the WVM Mitel Phone system from your computer, you will need to be connected to a network with internet access if you are offsite or the local campus network at West Valley College or Mission College.
  2. If you have trouble finding Mitel Connect on your computer, you will need to initiate a Service Request to have it installed and configured. 
  3. Look for the Mitel Connect Client Application on your computer and launch it.  You can use the Start Menu to find it:




                        4.  Sign in to the Mitel Connect App using your Microsoft Office 365 credentials and be sure to check name of the server entered.

Off-Campus: connect.wvm.edu
On-Campus: wv-mitelhq1.wvm.edu


                        5.  From your dashboard, click the phone icon.


                    6.  Select Softphone, then click the dropdown menu and select the audio device you would like to use. You may choose to use headphones (Bluetooth or wired), or you may use your computer’s internal microphone listed as Microphone Array. You will want to verify that your computer has a built-in microphone.

                        7.  If you would like Softphone to be chosen automatically, you will need to go back into Settings>Softphone and check the box for On startup assign me to my softphone.

Making and Receiving Calls

When receiving calls through your softphone, you will receive notifications such as those pictured below. You will have the option to Accept, Ignore, or Forward



To make calls through softphone, you will simply need to click the dial pad in the top left. You can choose to dial manually or search through your contacts. 



Mitel Connect - Basic Troubleshooting FAQ

I can’t hear the person I’m calling 

  1. Try adjusting your computer’s volume and make sure it is not muted.

  2. Check your audio settings and ensure the correct audio output device is selected.

  3. Reboot your computer and try again.


The person I’m calling can’t hear me

  1. Check your microphone settings in Mitel Connect to ensure the correct one is selected.

  2. Test your microphone in Sound Settings. Go to Sound section of Control Panel (as shown in Preparing for Softphone section of this document), right-click your microphone, and click Test. Follow the prompts to make sure the microphone is working.

  3. Be sure you are running Mitel Connect on your local machine (the computer you are sitting at and physically touching) not on a machine you are remotely connected to (which is on campus).

  4. Reboot your computer and try again.