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Mitel Softphone Information

Uses and Functionality

General Information  

The softphone feature is available through the Mitel Connect application installed on your computer. This feature allows you to use the computer as a functional telephone, replacing the need for a physical phone. 

Using Softphone 

Softphone reproduces virtually all of the features of the physical desk phones that are supported by the Mitel/ShoreTel phone system. Features such as shared line appearances, soft keys, on-phone conference control, barge, call recording management, voicemail, and intercom function exactly the same on the softphone as they do on a physical phone. Features such as call history and directories are also available on the softphone, but with a slightly different interface.

Softphone can be used with the following:

  • Contact Center agents
  • Salesforce.com and other CRM integrations
  • Browser-based click-to-dial
  • ShoreTel Sky Replay
  • Outlook

All call management functions are available through use of the soft keys. 

  • Place a Call - Enter the number in the call display using the softphone keypad of the computer keyboard
  • End a Call - Click the End Call soft key

Service buttons function similarly to the service buttons on other phones supported on the system. Depending on the "skin" selected for your softphone, your directories buttons may look different from a physical desk phone, but the functionality remains the same.

Accessing the softphone feature and making calls is very simple, requiring only that you have the connect app, and you have selected “Softphone” in your incoming call settings. 

First, open your settings by clicking on the phone receiver icon next to your name and extension.

Then, select the ‘Softphone’ option. If you have an audio device, you can select it in the drop down. 

To make a phone call, you will click on the dialpad icon. You can type the name or phone number from your keyboard, click the numbers displayed, or choose from the contact list that appears.