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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

An introduction and setup guide

General Information  

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that verifies your identity by requiring multiple credentials. Rather than just asking for a username and password, MFA requires additional credentials such as replying to a notification from an app on your mobile device or entering an authentication code.

Getting Started 

  1. On your computer’s web browser, go to https://aka.ms/mfasetup

  2. You will be prompted to login to Office 365. Enter your college/district email address – Select next and provide your email password at the next prompt.

  3.  The following screen will appear - Select Next.

  4.  At the following screen, change the dropdown to Mobile app and select Receive notifications for verification, and click Set up to proceed.

  5. When the QR Code appears on your computer screen – STOP, do not click next, we will refer-back to this page later.  The next steps will be done on your mobile device. NOTE: Do not scan the QR code below.

    On Your Mobile Device

  6.  Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on your mobile phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play. 

  7. Once the download is complete, open the app and tap Scan QR code


  8.  Point your mobile phone at the QR code on your computer screen to scan. 

            a.  You have the option to enter the code manually if scanning is a problem.



  9.  On your computer, select next after scanning the QR code and you will be prompted to test authentication.   NOTE: Do not scan the QR code in this guide.

  10. The test notification will be sent to your device.

  11. On your mobile device you will receive a notification like the one below, tap Approve.

  12. On your computer, you will be prompted to set up an additional phone number.  

       a.  Choose a phone number other than your mobile phone, so you can gain access in case you misplace your mobile device. 

            b. Choose a phone you will have access to wherever you are working from, you will need to receive a call to authenticate. You need to be near this phone to respond at the time.

            c.  Once entered select Done to proceed.


  13. After adding your alternate phone number, you will be brought to the Additional security verification page.  Review the information and verify the settings; notify me through the app, Authenticator app, and that your device is listed.

  14.  In the upper-right, click on your name and select Sign out. 

You have now configured MFA with Microsoft Authenticator!  With MFA completed, you are ready to setup a remote desktop connection using VMware Horizon Client used for working remotely. 



Troubleshooting Tips - FAQ

  • Q: Under what circumstances would I want to reject an authentication prompt? 

If you get a prompt on your phone when you are not trying to login, you want to reject the request. This may be someone with your credentials attempting to login as you.

  • Q: I do not have a smartphone; can I still use MFA? 

Microsoft Authenticator Push notifications and authentication codes are preferred, but you may also elect to receive a phone call for verification.

  • Q: I pressed approve on the notification, but nothing happened. 

Microsoft Authenticator will send an approval notification, and after the user selects ‘approve’ it may not successfully send due to your phone screen being locked by biometrics (TouchID, FaceID etc.). Be sure your phone is unlocked when attempting to approve MFA notifications. 

  • Q: Is the Microsoft Authenticator app required? 

You may choose to use a phone call for authentication, this is helpful for those who do not have a smartphone, or for users requiring a user-friendly option.

NOTE: If you do include a phone number for phone-call verification set up an alternative phone number in case your device is lost or stolen so you may still authenticate.

  • Q: I decided to use phone call authentication, why aren’t the phone calls coming through?   

The phone call originates from (855)330-8653 check your phone settings, you might have ‘block all unknown calls’ configured on your phone, which will cause the call to not come in. You deactivate this setting to resume receiving the phone call, or add the phone number to your contacts list.

  • Q: I upgraded my phone to a different model, how do I transfer my authentication account to my new device?

When transferring to a new phone, you will need to remove the authenticator app from all applications on the phone, and repeat the initial setup instructions in this guide. If you do not remove everything, the Microsoft authenticator requests will still come through on your previous device. 

  • Q: I have a new phone number, how do I update my contact information for MFA?

To update your phone number go to the Security Verification page and update your phone number for your Authentication phone, office phone, or alternate authentication phone and click Save when finished.