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Dell Stylus

How to use the stylus for your Dell 7410

General Information  

The Dell 7410 All-in-One laptop allows the use of a stylus on its touchscreen. Below are some helpful tips on how to use the stylus with your new computer. 

 Getting Started 

Pairing your Stylus

1. Press and hold the Top button for 3 seconds to enable pairing mode. The Bluetooth-pairing light starts blinking to confirm the pairing mode is enabled.

2. In Windows Search, type Bluetooth.

  3. From the list that appears, tap or click Bluetooth and other devices settings.


4. Ensure that the Bluetooth is set to On.

5. From the list of devices, tap or click Dell Active Pen PN579X→ Pair.

NOTE: If Dell Active Pen PN579X is not listed, ensure pairing mode is enabled on the pen.

  6. Confirm the pairing process on both pen and device. The Bluetooth-pairing light turns solid white for a few seconds to confirm the pairing and then the light turns off. After the pen and a device are paired, they connect automatically when Bluetooth is enabled and they are within the Bluetooth range

The Stylus is ergonomically designed to work with your tablet for long periods of time. The user can switch between pen and finger entry without any manual mode switching. The stylus supports features such as palm rejection, hovering, and pressure sensing, which allow for accuracy and ease of use - with no calibration needed.


The two buttons are software-configurable for using features such as erasing, highlighting, or performing mouse clicks.  


You can use the tip of the stylus to draw shapes, select text, turn a page, and write, or sign the documents on your tablet. You can use the native Pen and Touch application in the Windows Control Panel: Control Panel > Devices > Pen